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  1. [PDF] Guide for Applicants: Considering equity, diversity and inclusion ...
    ... you have taken to integrate sex, gender and diversity considerations into your research
    team and training plan and/or into your research proposal, if applicable ...
    URL: - 2017-10-26
  2. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... institutions; the contribution to the direct costs of the research, in cash
    and in-kind, as stated in the research proposal; and; if ...
    URL: - 19k
  3. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... pages); Relationship to other research support (attachment: no page limit);
    Proposal (attachment: maximum of three pages); References ...
    URL: - 37k
  4. [PDF] How to prepare a
    ... First indication of joint review - Informed by research topics, keywords, and proposal
    summary First review of subject matter eligibility 4 Page 5. ...
    URL: - 2017-07-12
    ... way to ensure that public funds are invested in high quality research and training ...
    applicant seeking information related to NSERC’s decision on her proposal. ...
    URL: - 2014-06-13
  6. [PDF] Connect with NSERC
    ... The agencies consider the draft policy as a proposal through which to advance
    discussion with the many stakeholders in the research community, with a tri- ...
    URL: - 2017-07-13
  7. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... Using the target area descriptions, identify the target area and research
    topic that your proposal addresses. Clearly explain why ...
    URL: - 72k
  8. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... Detailed proposal: Discuss the scientific issues, research problems or technical
    complexities, and describe the research methodology and experimental design ...
    URL: - 64k
  9. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... is a continuation of your thesis, clearly state the differences between work done
    for your thesis and the research activities outlined in this proposal. ...
    URL: - 60k
  10. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... Suggest the names of several people competent to assess the technical aspects of
    the proposal. This list should include experts from the research community and ...
    URL: - 84k
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