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Partnership Research Reveals New Application for Silica Microspheres

Working with Centre national en électrochimie et en technologies (CNETE) at Collège Shawinigan and Université de Sherbrooke, Materium Innovations’ product can now be applied in new ways such as for air filtration and water treatment.

Protecting Pilots Against Laser Attacks

Lamda Guard partnered with researchers at the University of Moncton to develop nano-composite filters for windshields that prevent laser beams from infiltrating cockpits.

Simulating Soil for Heavy Machinery Training

Serious Labs specializes in simulators and e-learning technologies for training heavy machine operators. To provide trainees with the most realistic simulation possible, the company partnered with researchers from the University of Regina to develop computer models that accurately render soil.

Student Ingenuity Enhances Online Gaming

Mozilla’s open access platform lets students at Seneca College contribute their own ideas to help make Firefox more interactive by bringing console-like features to the web.

A Better Breed of Fish

Tapping into the discovery and applied research expertise of Canadian universities has proven to Yellow Island Aquaculture Ltd. (YIAL) many times over that farming organic native salmon is highly lucrative.

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