Amir Khajepour

Amir Khajepour

Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
University of Waterloo

Chair title

NSERC/General Motors Industrial Research Chair in Holistic Vehicle Control

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2017


Through the proposed research program, we aim to create the first holistic vehicle control (HVC) platform, providing our industry partner—and the Canadian automotive industry—with a revolutionary approach to developing vehicle-control and active-safety systems. This is a "one controller–any car" solution: the platform can be implemented in any vehicle. It will replace the current complex and expensive approach to vehicle control development with a coherent, inclusive and cost-effective method for current and future connected and autonomous vehicles.

Today’s vehicle control systems bring together a growing number of individually designed controllers for each device or new technology. These systems need to be extensively tested, and often redesigned and retested, to eliminate conflicts in the control action of the individual devices and to preserve overall vehicle safety and stability.

The HVC is a new paradigm in vehicle control that enables different systems to work collaboratively under a single control system. This paradigm will achieve optimum vehicle safety and performance, and make the vehicle receptive to new technology yet to be developed.

The purpose of this NSERC/General Motors Industrial Research Chair (IRC) is to bring this new paradigm to commercial vehicles. The NSERC/General Motors IRC will facilitate the continued partnership between the university and General Motors, ensuring that these research advancements can be translated into practical applications to have maximum impact.


  • General Motors of Canada Company

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Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
University of Waterloo



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