Fabrice Labeau

Fabrice Labeau

Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University

Chair title

NSERC/Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair in Interactive Information Infrastructure for the Power Grid

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Associate Chairholder since 2010


The electric power grid and distribution system are under pressure to change; ageing infrastructure, increased demands driving the grid close to capacity and instability, and the need to integrate cleaner, more distributed energy sources, such as wind or solar power, are just a few factors that demand tighter monitoring and control of the power grid. Only a dedicated, interactive information infrastructure that would be deployed in parallel with the power grid can provide enough monitoring and control information in order to realize the necessary changes. It is clear, however, that simply "plugging in" an existing network or communications system design will not work, due to several peculiarities of the electrical grid environment.

This Industrial Research Chair program, developed in close consultation with Hydro-Québec, aims to address important issues in the deployment of such an interactive information infrastructure in support of the power grid. The three research themes that comprise this project have been identified in collaboration with Hydro-Québec and will explore the areas of communications in electromagnetically hostile environments (e.g., electric substations), information acquisition through distributed sensors, and information representation for the development of power grid applications.

Hydro-Québec will benefit from this project through direct transfer of results that will impact the three business units involved in this project (transmission, distribution and telecommunications) who have expressed the need for clear, scientifically motivated design guidelines for implementing information systems. More generally, Hydro-Québec and the industry as a whole will benefit from the training of highly qualified engineers capable of bridging the gap between the communications and the power systems communities. Finally, the safer, greener and more sustainable energy production and distribution mechanisms that will result from the deployment of an information-enabled power grid will directly benefit all Canadians.


  • Hydro-Québec

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University
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3480 University Street
Montréal, Québec
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