Mark Daymond

Mark Daymond

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Queen's University

Chair title

NSERC/UNENE Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Materials

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Chairholder since 2004


The Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Materials was established at the initiative of the Canadian nuclear industry. The CANDU Owners Group (COG) is a consortium which includes Ontario Power Generation (OPG; the owner/operator of the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations), Bruce Power Inc. (BP; operators of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Stations), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), and New Brunswick Power (owner/operator of the Pt. Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station). COG co-ordinates and administers collaborative R&D, engineering and information exchange programs for its partners. The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE) is a Canadian based alliance of universities, nuclear power utilities, research and regulatory agencies for the support and development of nuclear education, research and development capability in Canadian universities.

The main thrust of the research conducted under the Queen’s Chair program is to supplement the R&D capabilities of CNL (formerly AECL) and Kinectrics Inc. (formerly Ontario Hydro Research), and to train new highly qualified staff to work in engineering or research and development, both to manage and extend the life of existing plants, and to develop future reactor designs.

The research furthers the fundamental understanding of nuclear materials and develops the applied technology required by industry in this area. This includes radiation-induced deformation of nuclear materials (especially zirconium alloys), its relationship to manufacturing variables, crystallographic texture and microstructure, and other related topics. The resulting knowledge will provide a better capability to predict in-reactor behaviour technology, which will improve the performance and longevity of reactor core components. This should lead to improved plant reliability.

Professor Daymond is an expert in the area of materials deformation, and is working in the areas of radiation damage, radiation-induced deformation, properties of zirconium alloys in nuclear applications, stress measurement by diffraction techniques and modelling of materials deformation mechanisms. Prior to his appointment at Queen’s University, he was Group Leader of the Engineering Materials Group at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron Facility, Rutherford Appleton Lab., in the UK.


  • CANDU Owners Group (COG)
  • University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE)

Contact information

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Queen's University



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