Manuel J. Rodriguez

Manuel J. Rodriguez

École supérieure d’aménagement du territoire et de développement régional (ÉSAD)
Université Laval

Chair title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Management and Surveillance of Drinking Water Quality from the Watershed to the Citizen's Tap

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2014


The emergence of contaminants of interest, stricter regulations for drinking water and growing public expectations for tap water all necessitate the generation of new data, innovative management and monitoring strategies, and the development of decision support tools that are easily transferable to users.

The Chair’s multidisciplinary research program will be divided into four themes:

  1. The protection and monitoring of drinking water sources in the context of climate change
  2. The presence and variability of emerging contaminants of interest in water
  3. The management of residual disinfectants in distribution systems
  4. The development of intelligent tools for water quality management and monitoring

Strong research infrastructure (fully equipped laboratories and innovative field instruments) will allow researchers to focus on the collection of reliable spatiotemporal data on water quality from source to tap and on the development of innovative management and monitoring models.

Expected benefits include reduced risks to public health associated with tap water consumption and better value for money from investments in water quality management and monitoring.


  • City of Québec
  • City of Lévis
  • Avensys Inc.
  • WaterShed Monitoring
  • APEL

Contact information

École supérieure d’aménagement du territoire et de développement régional (ÉSAD)
Université Laval



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