Chung Chi Yung

Chung Chi Yung

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Saskatchewan

Chair title

NSERC/SaskPower Industrial Research Chair in Smart Grid Technologies

Chair program

Industrial Research Chairs program


Senior Chairholder since 2015


Increasing concerns about energy security, fuel diversity and climate change have spurred growth in renewable energy sources in Canada and worldwide. A reliable and sustainable power grid is key to enabling increased use of renewable energy, but variability and uncertainty in renewable generation, especially wind power, have seriously challenged the operation of power grids and future planning for integrating renewable resources.

The application of a broad array of emerging technologies to modernize and improve the reliability of the existing power grid (collectively referred to as “smart grid technologies”) has been considered an efficient means of enabling greater use of renewable energy and preventing large-scale system blackouts. This research program will focus on addressing critical technical issues associated with smart grid technologies and their application to Canadian power systems.

The program will contribute to developing the following tools and innovations:

  • accurate models of wind power generation and power system components;
  • advanced monitoring systems for better situational awareness during real-time grid operation; and
  • new simulation tools and approaches to planning and operation that will facilitate renewable sources and generation integration as well as new smart grid technologies and initiatives.

Chairholder C.Y. Chung is an internationally renowned expert in power system planning and operation who has made significant contributions in various technical areas related to the smart grid, including developing a software package for power system analysis used by 80 power companies and more than 90 universities worldwide. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

The industrial partner, SaskPower, provides electricity generation, transmission and distribution services to over 500,000 customers in Saskatchewan. Through this partnership, SaskPower will provide the chair with access to its data, facilities and experts. As SaskPower significantly increases the contribution of wind power to its overall capacity in the coming years, the power utility will directly incorporate the knowledge and technology developed through this research program into its planning and operations. The research results will also be shared with the Canadian power industry, helping power utilities to make more viable investments in the future.

This work will help Canada achieve a safe, reliable, and sustainable power grid while continuously adapting to increasing use of renewable energy sources – a transformation essential to supporting economic growth and enhancing quality of life. The research program will also help Canada train highly qualified personnel, specifically power engineering graduates, who will be well-equipped with skill sets relevant to smart grid technologies.


  • SaskPower

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Saskatchewan
3B37 Engineering Building 57 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Tel.: 306-966-2340
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