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NSERC connects researchers with over 4,000 partners in industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. Our researchers bring world firsts in knowledge, specialized equipment and young talent to R&D collaborative projects. They make breakthroughs for Canada’s economy, society and the environment.


Supports research projects that involve collaborative teams of researchers and partners to accelerate the application of results and creates wide-reaching impacts for Canada.

Alliance International

Supports partnerships between Canadian and international academic researchers to establish and grow research collaborations of global importance that will generate benefits to Canada.

National Quantum Strategy

The following funding opportunities support the National Quantum Strategy by advancing Canada’s research, innovation and talent development in quantum science and technology through domestic and international collaborations.

College and Community Innovation Program

Supports applied research at Canada’s colleges that provides innovative solutions for local and regional business.

Alliance Missions

A special call to energize Canada’s economy and stimulate innovation.

Applied Research and Technology Partnership grants

A special call from Federal Budget 2021 to support additional applied research partnerships over two years through the College and Community Innovation program.

Calls for Collaborative Research Projects

Supports collaborative R&D projects on important topics through intermittent targeted calls that are funded jointly with other organizations.

Idea to Innovation

Helps universities and colleges develop promising technologies and scale them up to be tech-transfer ready.

Synergy Awards for Innovation

Honours outstanding, high-impact R&D collaborations.

Collaborative Health Research Projects

Targets interdisciplinary research to advance science and engineering innovation in health. Funded jointly with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

NSERC Alliance COVID-19 grants

Supports university researchers in natural science and engineering and their partners to address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

College Applied Research Rapid Response to COVID-19

Supports colleges and polytechnics and their partners to address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior University Programs

Information on prior NSERC Research Partnership Grants for Universities.


NSERC Prizes 2020: Molly Shoichet

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