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Summary of Changes 2017 College and Community Innovation Program Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

The 2017 version of the College and Community Innovation Program Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide has been updated from the 2016 version to better reflect and adapt to all the requirements of this Tri-Agency initiative. Additional requirements have been included to reflect the new program types. All changes are effective October 1, 2017.

Financial Administration
Section and Subsection Nature of Change
Responsibilities and Accountability

Non compliance

New hyperlink to the Treasury Board Policy on the Directive on Public Money and Receivables was added to replace the previous Directive on Losses of Money  or Property.
Annual Funding of Grants


No changes to this section.
Use of Grant Funds
General Principles List was updated to include Synergy Awards for Innovation (for colleges) and College and Community Social Innovation Fund.
Compensation-Related Expenses Under Other Eligible Expenses, the first item was modified to now allow gifts as an eligible expense for the purpose of participant recruitment.

Travel and Subsistence Costs

Air travel can now be claimed at the most economical rate rather than the lowest rate.
Services and Miscellaneous Expenses New guideline to allow for the offering of gifts where approved by a Research Ethics Board.
Reporting and Supporting Evidence

Financial Reporting

Removal of the following requirement: the annual statement must not include the total outstanding commitments as previously indicated.
Supporting Evidence Modified the section on travel claim in such that original receipts are no longer required by the agencies.
Administrative Matters
Transfers of Funds Between Institutions New guideline on the transfer of grants to allow for grants to be transferred between institutions. 
Residual Balances Revised List of Programs Eligible for General Research Fund Transfer to included College and Community Social Innovation Fund.
Reference Documents
  NEW - Checklist for the Transfer from a Primary Institution to an Eligible Secondary Institution.