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NSERC announces funding to foster science communications skills

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November 16, 2020

Twenty-one recipients will share more than $400,000 in funding to enhance the science communications skills of students and researchers in the natural sciences and engineering.

The funding will help these skilled communicators share their knowledge and insights with the broader community of post-secondary students and researchers, giving them the skills to make their work more accessible to the public. With these skills, members of the research community will be better placed to contribute to science literacy, help counter science-related misinformation, and foster a role for science in evidence-based decision making.

“My congratulations to the recipients, and my best hopes for them to leverage this support to make a real difference at the grassroots level in terms of science communications and building a science culture in Canada. As well, let me thank the science outreach experts who contributed their time, knowledge, and insights to advising on this new pilot initiative and adjudicating the many high quality applications NSERC received.”

- Dr. Alejandro Adem, NSERC President

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