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NSERC announces cooperation with the Swiss National Science Foundation

Complementary NSERC and SNSF funding opportunities will allow Canadian and Swiss researchers to access support for joint research projects

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January 25, 2023

Building on the 2018 Joint Statement on Science, Technology, and Innovation between Canada and Switzerland, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) are pleased to announce their cooperation to enhance opportunities for research collaborations between academic researchers in Canada and Switzerland working in natural sciences and engineering. This cooperation will leverage existing programs to encourage and facilitate greater collaboration between our two countries.

NSERC’s Alliance International Catalyst grants offer support for Canadian researchers to establish and initiate research collaborations with international academic researchers, while the SNSF’s Scientific Exchanges program supports research exchanges of up to six months between Swiss researchers and international partners. Canadian researchers may request funding through Alliance International Catalyst grants and their Swiss collaborator may request funding from the SNSF’s Scientific Exchanges program.   

To support larger collaborative projects, researchers can use NSERC’s Alliance International Collaboration grants and the SNSF’s project grants. To access NSERC funding, a Canadian researcher named as a project partner on a successful SNSF project grant uses that grant as a springboard to apply for an Alliance International Collaboration grant to support their involvement in the project. The role and contribution of the Canadian researcher in the collaborative project must be described in the Swiss proposal. Canadian researchers should consult the Alliance International program description for detailed information on requirements and eligibility. 

The cooperation between NSERC and the SNSF will facilitate and expand research collaborations between Canada and Switzerland, strengthening our respective research ecosystems and providing benefits to both countries.  


“NSERC recognizes the profound impact that international collaboration can have on research outcomes. We believe that working together with other international agencies and organizations, such as the Swiss National Science Foundation, will lead to great collaborations between Canadian researchers and their international peers.
Prof. Alejandro Adem, FRSC, President, NSERC

“Through our international activities, we contribute to the increase of research capacity in Switzerland and abroad. Canada is a priority country for SNSF, and we are pleased to deepen our relationship with this cooperation.”
Prof. Matthias Egger, President, National Research Council, SNSF

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