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Sheila Downer

Sheila Downer

Sheila Downer (Masters Technology Management Candidate (2022), Memorial University of Newfoundland) has lived and worked in Labrador for more than 37 years and is a strong advocate for the development of rural, Northern and coastal communities. Ms. Downer has worked as part of a team throughout Labrador to build local knowledge, skills and effective tools to support the way people live, work and do business in Northern communities, and she has been actively involved in a wide range of community, regional and international organizations. 

Ms. Downer’s work has primarily been focused in Labrador’s municipal, business, education, health, tourism and regional development sectors and has been supported with experience in providing project partnership, regional network development and ICT services internationally. She currently works with the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Harris Centre and Office of Public Engagement as the Strategic Northern Liaison, and she also serves as the Vice President of Finance, Development and Engagement for the University of the Arctic.

Ms. Downer has been recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs and is an active leader in many volunteer capacities on a local, regional and provincial basis, including SmartIce, International Grenfell Association, Labrador North Chamber of Commerce and University of PEI Institute of Island Studies Advisory Board.