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Robert Niven

Robert Niven

Mr. Robert Niven (MSc McGill University; BSc University of Victoria) is Founder and CEO of CarbonCure Technologies and previously, Carbon Sense Solutions. Both companies are based on the premise of developing profitable carbon finance and clean technology solutions that help solve the cement and concrete industry's sustainability, cost of manufacturing and material quality concerns. CarbonCure has received numerous awards, including the 2016 Manning Award and is a Carbon Xprize semi-finalist.

Mr. Niven is a cleantech entrepreneur inspired to find profitable and sustainable solutions for the cement and concrete sectors. He is part of the global race to develop affordable carbon-negative concrete at scale. He is recognized as an international expert in clean technology and green concrete.

Mr. Niven has been a member of the Canadian Federal Cleantech Advisory Group and was listed as one of the top 100 Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs.

Mr. Niven is a member of NSERC’s Executive Committee.