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Science Communication Skills grant (pilot) Competition results – 2020

Grant holder Barriault, Chantal
Title of proposal Science Communication Skills for Northern Ontario Post-Secondary STEM Researchers
Hosting institution Laurentian
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Bukutu, Cecilia
Title of proposal Speak Science Simply Program
Hosting institution Concordia University of Edmonton
Grant amount $19,394.00
Grant holder Chaudhary, Roopali
Title of proposal Expanding Horizons: Multilingual and Multicultural Science Communciation
Hosting institution Lotus STEMM
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Drout, Maria
Title of proposal ComSciCon-Canada: The Communicating Science Workshop Series for Graduate Students
Hosting institution Toronto
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Dumais, Nancy
Title of proposal Dessine Ta Science
Hosting institution Sherbrooke
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Gervais, Thomas
Title of proposal Sciences & médias : l'essentiel pour des communications réussies
Hosting institution École Polytechnique de Montréal
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Gruber, Stephan
Title of proposal The Science Communication Toolbox for Researchers
Hosting institution Carleton
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Gruenheid, Samantha
Title of proposal Inclusive SciComm: A Workshop Series by the SciComm Collective
Hosting institution McGill
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Hendrie, Brett
Title of proposal Hot Docs Science Communication Training
Hosting institution Hot Docs
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Houser, Christopher
Title of proposal SMArt Communication Masterclasses
Hosting institution Windsor
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Jones, Katherine
Title of proposal NSERC Science Communication Skills Grant (pilot): Tell Your STEM Stories
Hosting institution Cape Breton
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Laschuk, Nadia
Title of proposal STEM Storytelling Video Channel
Hosting institution Chemical Institute of Canada
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Mason, Georgia
Title of proposal Writing in the Sciences (WITS) Online
Hosting institution Guelph
Grant amount $18,733.00
Grant holder McDonald, Allison
Title of proposal Science writing internship
Hosting institution Wilfrid Laurier
Grant amount $19,600.00
Grant holder Mehlenbacher, Ashley Rose
Title of proposal RCIScience-UWaterloo Science Communication Certificate
Hosting institution Waterloo
Grant amount $19,485.00
Grant holder Pelling, Andrew
Title of proposal SciComm School
Hosting institution Ottawa
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Penner, Christina
Title of proposal Certificate of Science Communication: Interactive Workshops on Science Communication for Graduate Students
Hosting institution Manitoba
Grant amount $17,000.00
Grant holder Rabipour, Sheida
Title of proposal Talking Tech: Effective Science Communication in Neurotechnology
Hosting institution NeuroTechX
Grant amount $19,850.00
Grant holder Tyson, Rebecca
Title of proposal Public Communications Skills for Applied Mathematicians - Competences en Communications Publiques pour Mathematiciens Appliques
Hosting institution Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder White, Scott
Title of proposal Science Writing Workshops for Academics
Hosting institution The Conversation
Grant amount $20,000.00
Grant holder Woolridge, Nicholas
Title of proposal Design in Science Communication: Opportunities in Visual Education
Hosting institution Toronto
Grant amount $19,958.00