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Competition Results for International Opportunities Fund

The results of the inaugural call of the International Opportunities Fund, an 11-country joint research initiative supported by the Belmont Forum and the G8 Research Councils on Multilateral Research Funding, have been released. Canadian scientists will participate in four of the six newly funded research projects, which are focused on accelerating delivery of knowledge needed for action to mitigate and adapt to detrimental environmental change and extreme hazardous events within the thematic area of Freshwater Security.

This International Opportunities Fund is aimed to support excellent research on topics of global relevance best tackled through a multinational approach. Each of the participating countries will fund its own researchers, with a total of 8.9 million issued over three years. NSERC’s funding totals just over $1,900,000 for eight Canadian researchers, supporting research in the natural sciences and engineering.

Funded Projects
Project Title   Lead Principal Investigator Canadian Principal Investigator and University Other Principal Investigators and Country   Total
Euros € (in thousands)
FuturAgua – Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience to Drought in Dry Tropical Social-Ecological Systems: The Guanacaste, Costa Rica Example Tim McDaniels, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada Douw Steyn*,
Mark Johnson*,
Kai Chan*, UBC, Canada
F. Vignola, Costa Rica,
G. Leclerc, France
Mitchell Small, US
I. Grossman, US
G. Wong-Parodi, US
1,536 581,851
TLSCC – Maintaining Productivity and Incomes in the Tonle Sap Fishery in the Face of Climate Change Lee Hannah, US Kevin McCann*, Evan Fraser*, University of Guelph,
Rashid Sumalia, UBC, Canada
S. Lek, France
R. Pomeroy, US
C. Costello, US
L. Kaufman, US
K. Winemiller, US
S. Nam, Cambodia
C. Khunleap, Cambodia
1,676 756,912
JWP – Integrated Analysis of Freshwater Resources Sustainability in Jordan Steven Gorelick, US Amaury Tilmant*, Université Laval, Canada E. Gawel, Germany
B. Klauer, Germany
J. Harou, UK
D. Mustafa, UK
A. Salman, Jordan
E. Al-Karablieh, Jordan
1,256 187,200
XINGU – Integrated Land Use Planning and Water Governance in Amazonia: Towards Improved Freshwater Security in the Agricultural Frontier of Mato Grosso Alex Krusche, Brazil Mark Johnson*, Leila Harris, UBC, Canada C. Neil, US,
M. Coe, US,
M. Ballester, Brazil,
S. G. Molina, Brazil
A.R. Almeida Jr., Brazil,
V. Empinotti, Brazil,
H. Elsenbeer, Germany,
F. Reichardt Brazil,
M. Eduardo Garavello, Brazil
1,949 383,375
SAHEWS – Southern Africa’s Hydro-Economy and Water Security Delcan Conway, UK   T. Osbourn, UK
C. Ringler, US
W. Landman, South Africa
DrIVER– Drought Impacts: Vulnerability Thresholds in Monitoring and Early-Warning Research Kerstin Stahl, Germany   C. Knutson, US
M. Svoboda, US
J. Hannaford, UK
K. Collins, UK
I. Clifford, Australia
N.D. Crossman, Australia
M.J. Collof, Australia
Total funding over 3 years       8,899 1,909,338

(* indicates names of researchers funded by NSERC)