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2021 research grants competition - results by peer review committee

Geosciences (RTI)
Applicant name Institution Program Title Term Amount awarded
Ariya, Parisa
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
McGill University RTI A portable DIHM for in-situ detection of airborne viruses 1 $53,107.00
Biswas, Asim
Environmental Sciences, School of
University of Guelph RTI Hand-held spectroradiometer system for in-situ and ex-situ characterization of soil, plant, and geological materials and ground truthing remote sensing images 1 $128,276.00
Calosi, Piero
Biologie, chimie et géographie
Université du Québec à Rimouski RTI Integrated platform for the characterisation of the seawater carbonate chemistry for Chemical Oceanography and Marine Global Change Biology 1 $146,122.00
Chen, Jing
Geography & Planning (St. George Campus)
University of Toronto RTI Field Measurements of Leaf Photosynthetic Capacity (Vcmax) for Carbon Cycle Research 1 $85,223.00
Chi, Guoxiang
University of Regina RTI Upgrading a Raman spectroscopic system for earth science studies 1 $17,235.00
Cullen, Jay
Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of
University of Victoria RTI Trace metal and isotope clean sampling system for oceanographic research 1 $149,612.00
de Vernal, Anne
Université du Québec à Montréal RTI Multiflow system for stable isotope analyses 1 $124,393.00
Halverson, Galen
Earth and Planetary Sciences
McGill University RTI An Upgraded High Precision Stable Isotope System for Paleoenvironmental Applications 1 $147,622.00
Kuzyk, Zou Zou
Geological Sciences
University of Manitoba RTI Automatic water samplers and salinometer for Arctic coastal oceanography research and training 1 $124,367.00
McDonald, Andrew
Earth Sciences
Laurentian University RTI Urgent replacement of a powder X-ray diffractometer for multidisciplinary geoscience research 1 $133,998.00
Tortell, Philippe
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia RTI Field-portable volatile trapping system for marine and atmospheric research 1 $44,734.00