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2021 research grants competition - results by peer review committee

Civil, Industrial and Systems Engineering (RTI)
Applicant name Institution Program Title Term Amount awarded
An, Chunjiang
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Concordia RTI Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Exploring the Oil Fate Associated with Environmental Persistent Free Radicals on Shorelines 1 $149,711.00
Andrews, Robert
Civil & Mineral Engineering, Dept of
University of Toronto RTI Evaluation of Microplastic Contamination in Canadian Drinking Waters 1 $149,999.00
Brar, Satinder
Lassonde School of Engineering
York University RTI Automated Parallel Bioreactor Systems for High Throughput Optimization of Bioengineered Processes 1 $146,790.00
Chalaturnyk, Richard
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Alberta RTI Multi-material 3D printing of reservoir rock analogues for sustainable energy recovery and storage 1 $150,000.00
Eberhardt, Erik
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia RTI Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Stress Measurement and Mitigation of High Stress Hazards at Depth 1 $150,000.00
Gagnon, Graham
Civil and Resource Engineering
Dalhousie RTI Powder X-Ray Diffraction for the Characterization of Corrosion of Materials, Plasmonic Nanostructures and Photocatalysts in Water Systems 1 $143,756.00
Kwon, Oh-Sung
Civil & Mineral Engineering, Dept of
University of Toronto RTI Advanced sensing, control, and high-temperature heating system for testing of structural members under extreme loads 1 $149,263.00
Liu, Jinxia
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
McGill University RTI Upgrading high-resolution mass spectrometry system for advancing research in emerging environmental pollutants 1 $150,000.00
Mohammadian, Majid
Civil Engineering
University of Ottawa RTI Time-resolved tomographic particle image velocimetry (PIV) system 1 $149,146.00
Nadeau, Daniel
Génie civil et génie des eaux
Université Laval RTI Moteurs de la fonte de neige en forêt en climat changeant 1 $129,567.00
Rivard, Patrice
Génie civil
Université de Sherbrooke RTI Central Control System for Characterizing Mechanical Behaviour of Materials 1 $150,000.00
Woods, Joshua
Civil Engineering
Queen's University RTI System-level Multi-element Analysis of Structures using Hybrid-simulation (SMASH) Lab 1 $150,000.00