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2022 research grants competition - results by peer review committee

Geosciences (RTI)
Applicant name Institution Program Title Term Amount awarded
Ackerman, Josef
Integrative Biology
University of Guelph RTI Using eddy correlation to measure oxygen flux as an indicator of the health of aquatic systems 1 $73,920.00
Ahm, Anne-Sofie
Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of
University of Victoria RTI A novel ion chromatography system for Earth, Ocean, and Environmental Science 1 $120,691.00
Camacho, Alfredo
Geological Sciences
University of Manitoba RTI Solid state laser to investigate argon mobility in porous and non porous media 1 $63,947.00
Congreves, Katelyn
Plant Sciences
University of Saskatchewan RTI Trace gas analyzer for climate-smart agriculture research 1 $122,038.00
Crémazy, Anne
Biological Sciences (Saint John)
New Brunswick RTI Urgent replacement of an ICP-AES for the measurement of trace metals in environmental samples 1 $87,963.00
D'Arcy, Mitch
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia RTI A portable spectroradiometer for calibrating the weathering state of sediments and landforms as a chronometer 1 $129,483.00
Dow, Christine
Geography and Environmental Management
University of Waterloo RTI A helicopter-borne radar system for Canadian glacier mass assessment 1 $149,189.00
Kalacska, Margaret
McGill University RTI Heavy lift drone for environmental and natural hazard monitoring 1 $35,697.00
Konhauser, Kurt
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta RTI Unisense MicroProfiling System for High-Resolution Aqueous Geochemical Measurements 1 $119,152.00
Lucotte, Marc Michel
Québec à Montréal RTI Urgent replacement of a 23 year old Gas Chromatograph coupled with an Electron Capture Detector to analyze glyphosate and its main metabolite in the environment 1 $70,368.00
Maldonado, Maria
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia RTI Critical Clean Water Technologies for Earth System Biogeochemical Research 1 $65,697.00
Radic, Valentina
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The University of British Columbia RTI Improving glacier melt modelling through ground-based profiling of atmospheric boundary layer 1 $138,022.00
Rochon, André
Sciences de la mer de Rimouski, Institut des
Université du Québec à Rimouski RTI Purchase of a tabletop SEM with EDS detector for multidisciplinary research in oceanography 1 $149,940.00
VandenBoer, Trevor
York University RTI Aerosol Instrumentation to Probe Atmospheric Processes and Mechanisms 1 $150,000.00
Wells, Mathew
Physical & Environmental Sciences (Scarborough)
University of Toronto RTI Winterized hovercraft: a necessary sampling platform to study lakes in a changing climate. 1 $118,922.00
Wilkinson, Kevin
Université de Montréal RTI Towards a better understanding of contaminant bioavailability- urgent replacement of photosynthetic incubators 1 $124,013.00
Ziegler, Susan
Earth Sciences
Memorial University of Newfoundland RTI Total carbon and nitrogen analyzer for biogeochemical research spanning the terrestrial-aquatic-extraterrestrial realms 1 $67,184.00