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2022 research grants competition - results by peer review committee

Ship Time Allocations Committee
Applicant name Institution Program Title Term Amount awarded
Bhatia, Maya
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta RGPST The changing coastal environment in the Canadian High Arctic: Past, Present, and Future 1 $118,000.00
Davoren, Gail
Biological Sciences
University of Manitoba RGPST The ecology of forage fish and interactions with marine predators 1 $77,165.00
Donner, Simon
The University of British Columbia RGPST Are tropical mesophotic kelp communities endangered relics or climate change refuges? Field work in the Galapagos Archipelago 1 $15,240.00
Else, Brent
University of Calgary RGPST FoxSIPP: The Foxe Basin Sea Ice Pump Project 1 $210,000.00
Limoges, Audrey
Earth Sciences
New Brunswick RGPST Nunatsiavut Coastal Interaction Project: recurring polynyas, benthic habitats and natural hazards 1 $179,500.00
Sherwood, Owen
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dalhousie RGPST Deep-water coral, sponge, and seep habitats along Northwest Atlantic shelf and slope: geology, ecology, and conservation 1 $334,780.00