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Résultats des concours de subventions de recherche par université - 2018

Saint Mary's
Nom du candidat Programme Titre GE Durée Montant accordé
Damjanov, Ivana
Astronomy and Physics
RGPIN The evolution and the interplay of the luminous and dark matter content of massive (compact) galaxies 1505 5 29 000,00 $
Kanungo, Rituparna
Astronomy and Physics
SAPPJ IRIS : Charged particle reaction spectroscopy at ISAC 19 3 230 000,00 $
Lingras, Pawan
Mathematics and Computing Science
RGPIN Generalized sequential data mining using enhanced object representations based on preliminary clustering profiles 1507 5 34 000,00 $
Merabet, Adel
Engineering, Division of
RGPIN Control Systems for Renewable Wind and Solar Photovoltaic Energy Integration and Smart Microgrid 1510 5 28 000,00 $
Sun, Genlou
RGPIN Untangling the molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive difference between autopolyploid and its diploid ancestor: A case study of Hordeum bulbosum species 1503 5 28 000,00 $
Tokarz, Danielle
RGPIN Controlling the outcome of reactions in macromolecular systems: Measurement of structural dynamics during synthesis and degradation in biologically relevant polymers 1504 5 24 000,00 $
Ventura, Gregory
RGPIN Multi-Molecular Characterization of Complex Matrices for the Detection of Geochemical Processes 1506 5 25 000,00 $