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Résultats des concours de subventions de recherche par université - 2021

St. Francis Xavier University
Nom du candidat Programme Titre GE Durée Montant accordé
Archibald, Donnelly
Earth Sciences
RGPIN Timescales of magmatic processes in accretionary orogens: Implications for crustal growth 1506 5 25 000,00 $
English, Marcia
Human Nutrition
RGPIN Flavour Profiles and Nutrient Quality: Determining the roles of lipid modifying enzymes, protein-aroma active compound interactions, and protein stability in plant-based food systems 1502 5 28 000,00 $
Gulam Razul, Mohamed Shajahan
RGPIN Unravelling the Chemical Physics of Carbohydrate Cryoprotectants for Use in Food using Novel Molecular Dynamics Methodologies 1502 5 28 000,00 $
Mazerolle, Erin
RGPIN Improving reproducibility of functional magnetic resonance imaging 1502 5 28 000,00 $
Toxopeus, Jantina
RGPIN The cellular mechanisms of insect physiological plasticity and freeze tolerance 1502 5 33 000,00 $
van den Hoogen, Robert
Math & Statistics
RGPIN Alternative and Averaged Theories of Gravity 1505 5 24 000,00 $