Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

General information
Governance structures

NSERC’s GBA+ implementation plan:

  • Recognizing that challenges remain in achieving the full participation of equity-seeking groups (including women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, people with diverse gender identities and people with disabilities) in science and engineering careers, NSERC is committed to the implementation of its Framework on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. NSERC’s Framework is an eight-point action plan outlining the corporate-wide changes we are making to integrate equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) considerations into our policies, processes, indicators of research excellence and evaluation criteria, and to eliminate any systemic biases that could hinder equitable access by an individual or group to NSERC funding opportunities.
  • NSERC has taken a number steps to ensure that GBA+ is integrated into agency decision-making processes, including its Framework and:
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms:
    • NSERC has posted its Framework on its public website to be transparent and accountable for these GBA+ actions to the community
    • NSERC’s Framework is accompanied by a logic model and a performance monitoring plan will be put in place
    • NSERC’s program evaluations include GBA+ questions
    • The GBA+ appendix to TB submissions is completed consistently
  • Staff responsible for GBA+ -related initiatives are concentrated in the team of one Director (Serge Villemure). Additionally NSERC’s agency-wide Working Group on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion includes members from all agency divisions/directorates. NSERC is a member of a six-member Inter-(granting) Agency Committee on EDI, and is currently chairing this committee. The chair, Serge Villemure, is NSERC’s GBA+ Champion. NSERC has dedicated a senior policy advisor position to EDI, with support staff; this position also fills the GBA+ focal point responsibility and represents NSERC on the Inter-Departmental Committee on GBA+. NSERC’s VP Research Grants and Scholarships is the tri-agency lead on EDI for the CRCC.
Human resources

Total number of planned full-time equivalents (FTEs) that will be dedicated to GBA+ implementation in the department in 2018–19, include:

  • The GBA+ Responsibility Centre includes 12 divisional/directorate members each of whom contribute approximately 20% of their time annually to embedding EDI in the programs they are responsible for (equivalent in total to approximately 2.5 FTE)
  • NSERC’s VP Research Grants and Scholarships is the tri-agency lead on EDI for the CRCC ( .1 FTE)
  • NSERC’s GBA+ Champion’s time is .5 dedicated to EDI (.5 FTE)
  • NSERC’s GBA+ Focal Point is dedicated to EDI (1 FTE)
  • Project manager, EDI (2018) (1 FTE)
  • Program Assistant, EDI (.5 FTE)
Planned initiatives

Major initiatives (those with high levels of complexity, risk and potential impact on Canadians) where GBA+ will be applied and monitored in 2018–19

Tools and systems in development to collect and monitor data on under-represented group participation in funding programs, peer review and committees.

  • This data will permit monitoring of under-represented group participation and strategy development to increase EDI in relation to program and committee participation.
  • Levels of under-represented group participation will be monitored.
  • Priority area for CRCC.

Guidance and resources relating to EDI consideration in research, research teams and institutions being added to agency website as part of NSERC’s EDI webpage and within program descriptions and application instructions.

  • EDI as elements integral to research excellence are being integrated into funding application expectations and selection committee assessments of applications.
  • Applications that demonstrate consideration and application of EDI lenses in their research proposals and personnel will have this recognized alongside other research excellence indicators.

Identify and implement best practices for assessing researcher excellence unbiased by leave taken or pace of work (such as part-time).

  • Best practices will be integrated into NSERC peer review guidelines, applications instructions and resources for selection committees and applicants.
  • Impact of best practices adopted will be monitored by program managers.

Participation in public forums across the country and internationally to convey and consult on agency EDI initiatives; collaboration with stakeholders and EDI experts.

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