All upcoming evaluations over the next three fiscal years

Program Proposed Title of Evaluation Planned Evaluation Start Date Expected Completion Date
1.1.6 Canada Research-Chairs Evaluation of the Canada Research Chairs December 2014 June 2016
1.2.1 Discovery Research Evaluation of Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) December 2015 March 2017
1.3.5 Commercialization of Research Evaluation of Commercialization of Research December 2015 March 2017
1.3.1 Research in Strategic Areas Evaluation of Research in Strategic Areas December 2015 June 2017
1.3.6 College and Community Innovation Evaluation of College and Community Innovation October 2017 March 2018
1.2 Discovery Evaluation of Discovery December 2017 March 2019
1.1.7 Canada Excellence Research Chairs Evaluation of the Canada Excellence Research Chairs January 2018 March 2019

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