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Greening Government Operations - 2013-14

Green Procurement Reporting For Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act

Strategies / Comments

  1. Approach: Investigating and incorporating opportunities for green procurement continues to be an ongoing process at NSERC, in keeping with the nature and scope of its procurement activities. The Vice-President of the Common Administrative Services Directorate is responsible for the application of the Policy on Green procurement. In 2013-2014, as part of the organizational business transformation initiatives, the opportunities to explore new green solutions will be taken into account and will build on the existing good green practices.
  2. Management Processes and Controls:
    1. NSERC uses PWGSC procurement instruments as its primary procurement mechanism.
    2. In 2013-2014, all contracting documents will be reviewed to include a clause addressing environmental considerations in the performance of the work required.
  3. Setting Targets: NSERC has set the following targets:
    1. Maintain reduction in paper usage by making double sided printing mandatory and increase use of online submissions.
    2. In fiscal year 2013-2014, NSERC will assess additional possible reduction initiatives targets for specific goods.
  4. Training:
    1. The organization will ensure that all existing procurement and materiel management functional staff take the CSPS Course 215 on Green Procurement as part of the current on-boarding program which will be integrated in the training curriculum.
    2. Internal awareness on Green procurement will also be raised with key stakeholders involved with acquisitions.
    3. Management will increase staff awareness of environmental practices, such as limiting the number of printed copies of documents and using two-sided printing and copying.
  5. Performance Evaluation: The performance management agreements for managers and functional specialists in procurement will take into account environmental considerations in procurement activities.
  6. Meeting Targets: Green procurement strategies will be reviewed at mid-year to ensure that they are on track for achievement by the end of fiscal year