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187 – Scholarships and Fellowships Selection Committee for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Role Name Organization End Date
Chair Renée Douville University of Winnipeg 2021
Members Anne-Marie Bernier Université de Saint-Boniface 2023
  Dawn Bignell Memorial University of Newfoundland 2022
  Guillaume Bilodeau Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2023
  Luc Boudreau Université de Moncton 2022
  Nicolas Corradi University of Ottawa 2021
  Cameron Donly Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2021
  Marie Elizabeth Fraser University of Calgary 2022
  Steffen Graether University of Guelph 2023
  Maritza Jaramillo Institut national de la recherche scientifique 2022
  Chelsea Martin University of Prince Edward Island 2022
  Anja Nohe University of Delaware 2021
  Emilie Tremblay Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2023
  Jun-Feng Wang University of Manitoba 2022
  Stephanie Weber McGill University 2021
  Jianping Xu McMaster University 2021
  Muhammad Saad Yousuf University of Texas at Dallas 2023
Program Officer  Ashlea Langevin Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada