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Committee on Discovery Research

Role Name Organization End Date
Chair Jeremy Kerr* University of Ottawa 2021
Members Kevin Vessey* Saint Mary’s University 2021
  William Altenhof University of Windsor 2023
  Mike Belosevic University of Alberta 2021
  Derek Bingham Simon Fraser University 2021
  Emilie Champagne Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks 2022
  Imogen Coe Ryerson University 2023
  Octavia Dobre Memorial University 2023
  Sara Ellison University of Victoria 2022
  Amy Felty University of Ottawa 2022
  Mark Green Queen’s University 2022
  David Janz University of Saskatchewan 2022
  Diego Mantovani Université Laval 2021
  Cynthia Messina Concordia University 2022
  Langis Roy University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2022
  Stacey Wetmore University of Lethbridge 2023
  Joann Whalen McGill University 2022
  Jeannette Whitton University of British Columbia 2022
Ex-officio members Digvir Jayas Vice-President of Council
  Alejandro Adem NSERC President
Program Officer Julie Hughes Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

* NSERC Council Members