Standing committee of Council

Committee on Research Partnerships

Committee on Research Partnerships
Role Name Organization End date
Chair Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué* Axelys 2024
Members Janice Bailey FRQNT 2024
Susan Blum Saskatchewan Polytechnic 2024
Melvin Wong Synergia Associates 2024
Jocelyn Millette CanmetENERGY 2025
Michael Bidu INTERFACE Health Society 2025
James Craig 2026
Nancy Déziel* CNETE Inc. 2026
Julie Lefebvre National Research Council Canada 2026
Jinkai Xue University of Regina 2026
Robert Dunlop Retired 2026
Rimeh Daghrir Université de Montréal 2026
Secretary Geneviève Way Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

*Members of NSERC Council

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