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Principles Governing Membership of Council's Standing Committees

Committee on Research Partnerships

The Committee on Research Partnerships (CRP) recommends to the Vice-President, Research Partnerships, program funding allocations and transfers between program elements within its purview, in accordance with specific decisions and any other guidelines provided by the Council and within the funding envelope (Innovation) assigned to it by the Council. The Committee also provides advice on and monitors the research partnerships programs referred to it by the Council; and it advises the Council on policy issues and possible mechanisms in support of  partnered research at Canadian colleges and universities that contributes to knowledge creation and transfer, training of highly qualified personnel and supporting industrial innovation. On occasion, the committee may be asked to make recommendations to the President on major grants and awards to individuals or groups.


The members of the Committee on Research Partnerships are appointed by the Vice-President of the Research Partnerships Directorate on the recommendation of its Directors.


The Committee is chaired by a Council member and composed of both Council and non-Council members. The Committee should be representative of the R & D community it serves, and its composition should include:

  • active researchers and/or research managers from the university sector;
  • senior researchers and/or research leaders from the private and public sectors;
  • at least one individual from the young researcher category, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and new faculty;
  • broad representation from the science and engineering disciplines falling under NSERC's purview;
  • a minimum of two francophones.

The Committee should reflect the gender balance of the natural sciences and engineering research community and include a minimum of two women and two men, and it must have a reasonable regional balance.

The members of the Committee must possess several qualities:

  • knowledge and understanding of Canadian university-based research;
  • knowledge and understanding of the training and development of highly qualified personnel and of issues pertaining to the demand for and supply of such personnel;
  • demonstrated capacity to exercise good judgment;
  • breadth and depth of understanding and knowledge in their own field and beyond;
  • willingness to voluntarily devote time and effort to the well-being of R&D in Canada.

Duration of Term

Council members are appointed to the Committee for the duration of their current term on the Council. Non-Council members are normally appointed for four-year terms. An appropriate rotation system is established to ensure a dynamic membership.

*The President and Vice-President of the Council are ex-officio members of all standing committees.