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NSERC Indigenous Student Ambassadors
(previously Aboriginal Ambassadors in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Award [AANSE])
The NSERC Indigenous Student Ambassadors (NISA) grant aims to engage Indigenous students and fellows in promoting interest and participation in the natural sciences and engineering (NSE) by visiting Canada’s Indigenous communities and schools and sharing their research and education experiences or participating in science promotion events and activities.

Discovery Grants – Northern Research Supplements (NRS) Program
This supplement has been established to help augment and promote Canadian university-based northern research and training. The main purpose of the program is to recognize the added logistical costs unique to conducting research in the Canadian North.

Northern Research Chairs Program (NRCP)
This program was established to augment and promote Canadian university northern research and training in the natural sciences and engineering. Its long-term goal is to address the decline in northern research capacity by rebuilding Canadian university expertise in northern research issues and by providing a training environment for northern researchers of the future. It will also provide new knowledge required to understand the North and predict its future.