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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Institutional Capacity-Building Grant

Instructions for completing an application

General information

About the funding opportunity

Read the EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grant description before you complete your application. Your proposal should provide the selection committee with all the information necessary to evaluate your proposal using the selection criteria.

Who completes the application?

The application package and required documentation should be completed and submitted by an authorized institutional official from an institution that is eligible for this funding opportunity, as defined in the description of the funding opportunity.

Presentation standards

Applications must conform to the NSERC On-line Presentation and Attachment Standards. Applications that do not meet presentation standards may be rejected or be at a disadvantage in comparison with those that respect the presentation standards. Where page limits are stated, pages in excess of the number permitted will be removed.

With the exception of personal or institutional contact information, changes or updates to your application will not be accepted once it has been submitted. Contact information may be updated by sending an email to

A complete application

A complete application consists of the following two documents:

  • a completed Application Form, including the signed Terms and Conditions of Applying, in PDF format;
  • a main application, in PDF format.

Personal information

For information on the collection and use of personal information, refer to the EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grants description and the Terms and Conditions of Applying.

Completing the application

Application form

(Form-fillable PDF document)

Title of proposal

The title should complement and describe the goals of your proposal. It may be used for publication purposes.

General information

Provide the name of the institution, applicant information (to be completed by the authorized institutional official submitting the application) and whether the institution currently has a This link will take you to another Web site Canada Research Chairs EDI Action Plan or a similar plan in place.

Summary for public release

Explain the objectives and/or goals that your institution plans to achieve using the proposed strategy (1000 character limit). This may be publicly disclosed or published.

Terms and conditions of applying

The terms and conditions of applying must be signed and uploaded as part of the application form.

Main application

Sections I and II combined must be a maximum of five pages, with one additional page available for references.

Section III must be a maximum of two pages.

Section I: Project outline

Describe the rationale and objectives of your project. Provide a vision statement that outlines the major sustainable goal(s) of the strategy.

If your institution already has a This link will take you to another Web site Canada Research Chairs EDI Action Plan or a similar plan in place, describe how this funding will help to advance or build upon the existing plan.

The proposal must be aligned with the objective of the EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grant. It should demonstrate a need for funding to address current EDI barriers for researchers at your institution who are racialized minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ2+ individuals, Indigenous People and women. The strategy should be informed by evidence and meaningful engagement with affected groups. It should include relevant literature support and/or real-world examples in which similar approaches have led to success (at your institution or elsewhere). Where applicable, describe how you will adapt or innovate upon previous strategies to address your institution’s current EDI barriers.

Provide a timeline that lists your short-, medium- and long-term milestones, cross-referenced with the goals and the objectives of the proposal. This timeline can also reference your This link will take you to another Web site Canada Research Chairs EDI Action Plan or a similar plan, if applicable.

Describe how your institution will measure the progress and success of its strategy both during and beyond the term of the grant.

Section II: Institutional commitment

Describe the institutional accountability structure for achieving the objectives described in Section I, including the project governance structure. Elaborate on any planned organizational structure changes and detail how they will address current EDI barriers for researchers at your institution. The level of engagement of upper-level management should be described.

The lateral scope of engagement across your institution should be described, including whether multiple organizational structures (e.g., different departments and/or faculties) within the institution are engaged in the project and the anticipated level and method of communication among them during implementation.

Describe the expertise, relevant experience and complementarity of the personnel who will be involved in the implementation of your institution’s strategy. This can include relevant EDI training that has been or will be provided, the role of relevant personnel in implementing your strategy and the hiring or consulting of EDI expert(s).

Describe the implementation plan, including how the project will be initiated, planned, implemented, monitored and concluded. Describe how your strategy will lead to long-term institutional commitment to the objective of the EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grant.

Section III: Budget and budget justification

Section III must be a maximum of two pages.

Provide a detailed budget for the project to be supported by the grant. Additional support, including institutional contributions,must be included. For example, this additional support can be in the form of matching funds, travel support, salary support and in-kind support.

Explain and justify each line item of your proposed budget. Describe how it relates to the objective(s) of your proposal.

The budget should be submitted in table format (see example below). List each budget item and separate the EDI Institutional Capacity Building grant amount from the amount being obtained from additional sources.

  Year 1 Year 2
  EDI Institutional Capacity Building Grant Additional sources / contributions EDI Institutional Capacity Building Grant Additional sources / contributions
Administrative expenditures        
Professional, technical and external training services/contracts        
Other expenditures        

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted before 8:00 p.m. (ET) on January 11, 2021.

How to submit your application

Complete applications must be uploaded to the EDI Institutional Capacity-Building Grant Secure Upload Site.

Applicants have the option of uploading the two documents separately, or of uploading a single combined document.

Help with funding opportunity information

For more information about this funding opportunity, email

For technical inquiries, contact the On-line Services Helpdesk by email at, by phone at 613-995-4273, or complete an On-line Services Support Request.