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2001 NSERC Awards for Science Promotion

Marie MacBeath

Founder, director and volunteer at Science East since 1994, Marie MacBeath designs and builds exhibits for the centre, as well as hosting workshops for the public. For many years she has turned her Long's Creek home into a live-in summer camp where 9-12 year-olds enjoy a one-week program of hands-on experiments, as well as environmental and stargazing activities. Marie has visited science centres around the world in search of best practices in her drive to maintain the quality and innovation of Science East's programs and exhibits.

Bob McDonald

Bob McDonaldBob McDonald, one of the country's most popular science journalists and broadcasters, is host of CBC radio's Quirks and Quarks and science correspondent for CBC TV's The National. Known for his passion and enthusiasm, he brings a Canadian perspective and voice in his presentation of scientific issues and achievements to a broad national audience. For 25 years, Bob McDonald has been an entertaining and energetic advocate of science, a producer of documentaries and educational videos, a writer of newspaper and magazine articles, and a presenter to school children.

Les Scientifines

Les ScientifinesSince 1988, Les Scientifines has been promoting science to young girls between 9 and 12 years old who live in underprivileged areas of Montreal, by giving them free access to daily scientific activities after school. The workshops focus on chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and new information and communications technologies. They are designed to offer these young girls positive role models and to stimulate the skills and interest that will fuel their determination to persevere with their studies and, ultimately, give them the option of choosing a career in the sciences.

Scientists in School

Cindy AdamsA non-profit organization, Scientists in School brings enthusiastic scientists into elementary classrooms, and the 70-plus programs they bring with them have hooked hundreds of youngsters on science for life. Founded in 1989, this diverse program has expanded from an initial 40 classrooms to 5,400. The program's success lies in effective partnerships with businesses, the education sector and community associations. Scientists in School is intent on reaching more Canadians and is committed to the professional development of teachers.


YES MagYES Mag began publishing in Victoria, B.C. in 1996. In five years, its subscription list has increased more than fivefold to 16,000 readers. The magazine offers readers, aged 8 to 14, a high quality, easy-to-read Canadian perspective on science, technology and engineering. Readers are encouraged, in an entertaining way, to investigate and celebrate science. They are also invited to write articles. The magazine has become a valuable teaching and science promotion vehicle and has formed extensive professional, community and business partnerships.