Applied Research and Development grants


Colleges conducting research and collaborating on R&D projects with organizations or with universities and/or other colleges

How much?

Up to $150,000 per year (open)

How long?

1 to 3 years


As of February 2022, Applied Research and Development applications are no longer accepted through the NSERC online research portal. Applied Research and Development grant applications must be submitted through the Convergence Portal.

Applied Research and Development grants support research and development (R&D) projects led by college researchers in partnership with private sector, public sector or not-for-profit organizations based in Canada while encouraging collaboration with universities and/or other colleges. This opportunity allows the development and strengthening of research links and collaborations between different institutions and/or partners that have a common goal of creating economic, social and/or environmental benefits while contributing to the research ecosystem continuum. The partner research goals can drive and define the broad spectrum of capacities necessary from one or more institutions, depending on the needs and availabilities while allowing the project to be led by an eligible Canadian college.

The projects funded will

  • provide partner organizations with access to the unique knowledge, expertise and capabilities available at Canadian colleges and universities
  • train students in essential technical skills required by organizations in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors
  • provide benefits–economic, environmental, health or social–to the partner organization(s) and to Canada
  • allow a wide range of collaborations between different institutions and/or types of partners

Direct project costs are shared by the partner organization(s) and funding agency. Projects may range from one year to three years. Universities or other colleges may contribute through co-application and receive a portion of the funding from the main applying college; only institutions eligible to receive funding from the College and Community Innovation (CCI) program may apply.

Applied Research and Development projects can focus on any point in the research-to-innovation spectrum. All proposals must clearly provide evidence of strong partnerships, detailed planning and sound budget justification. Proposals must detail underlying assumptions, intended approaches, milestones and deliverables.

Who can apply?

Canadian colleges (including CEGEPs and polytechnics) that are declared eligible to administer grants of at least one of the three federal granting agencies can apply. Colleges apply on behalf of their researchers and the partner organization(s). Universities and other colleges may partake as co-applicants with an eligible college.

To apply, colleges must have at least one partner organization (in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors) whose cash contribution is recognized for cost sharing.

For a list of Canadian colleges currently eligible to apply, see the list of eligible institutions for the agency you are applying to (NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR). To become an eligible institution, see the Institutional eligibility requirements and the frequently asked questions on institutional eligibility.

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