College and Community Social Innovation Fund grants


Receiving funding and conducting research

If your application is approved for funding, you will receive an award letter, and you must adhere to the Terms and conditions of award.

If a university or another college is co-funded on a CCSIF project, it receives funds through the college that submitted the application (i.e., the administering organization). Once the grant funds have been transferred to the administering organization, that institution will transfer funds to the other eligible participating institutions per the application's approved budget and budget justification (see the Transfer of funds section of the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration for additional guidance).

Transfer of funds and start date

Your award letter will indicate the start date of your project. NSERC will transfer your grant funds to your college within 30 days of that start date. Note that applications funded through CIHR and SSHRC can experience delays in the transfer of funds due to the mechanism for transferring funds between agencies.

Acknowledgment of agency support and public communication about your grants

Colleges must acknowledge the support of granting agencies (NSERC, CIHR or SSHRC as applicable) in all communications (verbally and in writing) about the research and research results. Furthermore, under Canada's Official Languages Act, agencies must take measures to promote the use of both English and French in Canadian society. Therefore, we ask that you acknowledge your agency's funding in both English and French, verbally and in writing, whenever possible. For sample text and additional information, visit the Acknowledgement and logos (NSERC), Promoting Your Research (CIHR) or Acknowledging SSHRC support web pages.

In coordination with CIHR and SSHRC, NSERC will make an official annual announcement of the recipients of CCSIF grants. Colleges are asked to refrain from making any public announcements until after this official announcement. NSERC will notify applicants and college communications offices about this announcement as soon as possible. This does not prevent you from confidentially sharing information about your funding with your collaborators or referring to CCI funding in applications for other funding.

Research agreements and intellectual property

NSERC makes no claim to ownership of any intellectual property (IP) generated from the research it funds. Colleges and participating institutions are strongly encouraged to develop and sign an agreement with each partner on the ownership and disposition of IP arising from the funded applied research before starting any activities. At a minimum, the agreement must provide the participating institutions with the right to use the new knowledge or technology in future teaching and research, and faculty and students must have the right to describe the project on their curriculum vitae.

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