College and Community Social Innovation Fund grants



The grant recipient must send NSERC a final report at the end of the project. Your final report must describe the impacts of the research and development.

NSERC will also ask the partner organization(s), students and trainees to complete a survey on the project's success. If a partner is a large consortium of private-sector organizations, the consortium administrator may provide this report on behalf of the group.

Final reports will be completed and submitted on the Convergence Portal. Examples of report templates are available on the CCSIF Resources page.

Institutions or partner organizations that do not provide the requested reports on projects may no longer be eligible to apply for or participate in new proposals.

Notifying NSERC about changes

You are not required to strictly adhere to the budget presented in the proposal as long as the grant funds are used for research, training and other eligible activities as intended. However, you must ensure that the budget items (e.g., equipment, overhead, etc.) comply with the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration, Part 2: Use of grant funds (with exceptions noted under Funding).

The administering institution must complete a Grant Amendment Form and submit to (with CC to to inform NSERC of administrative changes, such as:

  • Deferral of grant instalment
  • Extension period for the authority to use grant funds
  • Continuing eligibility
  • Changes to individuals on the grant team
  • Termination of a grant

Note that existing grants can add new partners, but they must be in line with their existing awards and address the original objectives of their grant proposals. For additional information on administrative changes, consult Part 6: Administrative changes of the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration.

Changes to supporting organizations (partners) must be directly communicated to the CCI team (

Extension period for the authority to use grant funds

A one-year time extension to use the grant funds beyond the project end date is automatically provided for all CCSIF grants. Contact for additional information on grant extensions.

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