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Annual funding of grants

New grants

Grant notification letters are sent to applicants and relevant financial officers with a commitment for one year's funding and an indication of future annual instalments, if any.

Payment of grants

Grant funds are sent directly to the organization’s financial office. The organization must not disburse any funds on behalf of the principal applicant until all specified certification requirements and any other requirements have been met.

No grant funds will be released by NSERC until all payment conditions have been met (e.g., confirmation of activity reports and an environmental assessment).

PromoScience instalments are normally paid in January.

Subsequent instalments

All subsequent instalments are subject to Parliamentary appropriations and the conditions that may be attached to them. Also, NSERC reserves the right to defer or suspend subsequent instalments if the Parliamentary appropriations are reduced or cancelled, or if the need for funds is not demonstrated.

In certain cases, a progress report must be received and approved by NSERC before a second- or third-year payment will be issued. This requirement would be indicated in the grant notification letter.

Over expenditures

NSERC is not responsible for funding expenditures or commitments by organizations that exceed the NSERC funds credited to them for the current and prior fiscal periods. These are the responsibility of the organization.

Extension period for use of funds beyond grant period

PromoScience grants are awarded for one to three years, with the grant period running from January 1 to December 31, starting in the year following the grants competition. Organizations may not make any new commitments beyond the end of the grant period in the final year of the grant. Should any unexpended funds remain at this time, organizations are instructed to submit a written request to the PromoScience Program Officer before the funding expiry date of the grant, briefly stating why the extension is required, how much funding remains in the grant account, how the remaining funds will be spent and when the activities will draw to a close.

No requests for extensions will be considered if the organization paid has not submitted a Form 300 for each period of the grant, ending March 31.