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Advisory Committee


The mandate for the five NSERC Regional Offices' Advisory Committees is to:

  • provide advice on how NSERC can enhance academic-industry partnerships in research, innovation and advanced training in the natural sciences and engineering;
  • provide input on the offices' activities and priorities, particularly efforts to strengthen collaboration between post-secondary institutions and the private sector;
  • provide opportunities to exchange information, build consensus and enhance collaboration between post-secondary institutions, the private sector, federal and provincial departments, and other organizations active in regional innovation systems;
  • contribute to the development of new regional collaborations and joint initiatives;
  • provide a forum for each office to reach out to, and maintain, productive links with key stakeholders in the region.


Members are initially asked to serve a one-year term, following which re-appointments will be made for either one-, two- or three-year terms to ensure an orderly transition.

Members include representation from the following groups involved in research, innovation and advanced training:

  • Senior officials from Canadian universities and colleges
  • Researchers
  • Government and non-government organizations
  • Industry, both from SMEs and large corporations

List of Advisory Committee Members

Name Organization
Anne Ballantyne (Chair)
Strategic Research Officer, Centre for Science and Innovation Policy, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
University of Saskatchewan
Susan Blum
Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Laurie Dmytryshyn
Chief of Equity Investment
PIC Investment Group Inc.
Darren Fast
Director, Technology Transfer
University of Manitoba
Curtis Hull
Project Director
Climate Change Connection
Melanie Martin
Director, MRM Centre; Professor, Physics
University of Winnipeg
Rhonda Orr
Past Manager, Research and Development
Manitoba Hydro
Betty Peavey
Director of Research, Faculty of Science
University of Alberta
Brendan Reding
Regional Director, Industrial Research Assistance Program
National Research Council Canada
Tracey Scarlett
BioQuest Ventures Inc.
Peter Siemens
Marieta Consulting Inc.
Richard Smith
President and CEO
BioLargo Water Inc.
Rick Tofani
Director, Applied Research and Innovation Services
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Mel Wong
President and CEO
Karen Young
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, Indigenous Relations
Government of Alberta
Ex-Officio Members
Name Organization
Anas El-Aneed
NSERC Council Member
Professor, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
University of Saskatchewan
Digvir Jayas
NSERC Council Member
Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor
University of Manitoba
Tanya McDonald
NSERC Council Member
Lakeland College
Misheck Mwaba
NSERC Council Member
Vice-President, Academic
Bow Valley College