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  1. NSERC - ARCHIVED - Frequently Asked Questions
    ... Any publication, document, item or event that recognizes an Agency grant or award,
    or the results of the grant or award, must include the Agency’s logo. ...
    URL: - 74k
  2. NSERC - Search
    NSERC - Search.
    URL: - 26k
  3. [PDF] Application for Copyright Clearance of NSERC’s Works
    ... Database Figure Footage Illustration Logo Map Photo Table Text Whole Work Other
    (Specify additional information below) Volume / Issue Page No(s) ...
    URL: - 2014-03-28
  4. NSERC - Search
    NSERC - Search.
    URL: - 28k
  5. [PDF] Layout 1
    ... Page 6. > When appropriate, include a quote from an NSERC official in your news
    release. > Include NSERC’s logo in news releases (for joint ...
    URL: - 2012-05-25
  6. NSERC - Dimensions - Charter - Endorse the charter
    ... site. Download the Dimensions charter endorser logo and display it on your
    website, signature block, and everywhere. Promote your ...
    URL: - 27k
  7. NSERC - How Does It Work?
    ... SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network. Sentinel Bioactive Paper Logo During the
    Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network’s first five-year term ...
    URL: - 24k
  8. NSERC - Dimensions - Resources
    ... Dimensions. Resources. Dimensions logos. Charter Endorser logo; Dimensions logo;
    Dimensions : equity, diversity and inclusion Canada logo. Useful links. ...
    URL: - 26k
  9. [PDF] Layout 1
    ... Page 6. > S’il ya lieu, incluez une citation d’un représentant du CRSNG dans vos
    communiqués; > Incluez le logo du CRSNG dans les communiqués ...
    URL: - 2012-05-25
  10. [PDF] From 15th to 5th: The Race Is On
    ... s progressing. A sub-site of our main corporate site, it’s accessible
    by clicking on the eBusiness logo on our home page. “We ...
    URL: - 2009-08-19