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Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master’s program

Instructions for completing a Canadian Common CV

When applying to the Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s (CGS M) program, follow these instructions to complete your CGS M Canadian Common CV (CCV) and upload it to your application.

Registering and logging in

To create a CGS M CCV

Go to This link will take you to another Web site Canadian Common CV and select English.

In the top menu bar, click Login.

To register
If you are a new user, select Register.

Complete all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk [*]) on the User Registration Personal Information page. Then click Next.

Complete all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk [*]) on the User Registration Account Information page. Then click Submit.

A CCV account has now been created for you.

To log in
If you already have a CCV account, enter your username and password. Then click Login.

If you cannot recover your CCV password, email or call 613-954-1968. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET).

Selecting the CGS M CCV

Once you have logged in, the Welcome page will appear. In the top menu bar, hover over CV and select Funding.


From the Funding source drop-down menu, select CGS-Master’s. From the CV type drop-down menu, select CGS-Master’s. Then, click Load.

For a CGS M application, you must select the CCV–Master’s template. Other templates of the CCV cannot be attached to a CGS M application.

Completing the CGS M CCV

Understanding CCV sections

Once you have clicked Load, a list of sections will appear. If you have previously entered information into the generic CCV template, this information will automatically populate any identical sections in your CGS M CCV. Review all entries carefully, as mandatory fields vary from one template to another. It is important to review even non-mandatory fields to ensure that you have completed all sections that are relevant to your application.

Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

You must determine the best section to list specific information and what type of information to include that will positively affect your application. Keep in mind that most CGS M applicants have not yet acquired the academic and career experience to fill out all sections of the CCV, and certain fields of entry in the template may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. In these instances, non-mandatory sections can be left blank.

Creating a CCV is personal and subjective; therefore you are the best person to determine under which section specific information should be listed and what type of information to include that will positively impact your application. Click the Question(Help) icon for a description of the type of information that should be included.

User profile

If the available options for research disciplines, areas of research and fields of application do not align with your discipline or research area, select those that best fit your expertise and use the research specialization keywords to further refine your user profile. Refer to the This link will take you to another Web site Research discipline list for all the options for research disciplines, areas of research and fields of application. You can also add more detailed research subjects in the Activities details section of your CGS M application in the This link will take you to another Web site Research Portal.

Entering information about education

All degrees, diplomas and other types of certification should be recorded in the CCV, whether they are completed or in progress, including degrees from which you have withdrawn and courses completed outside of a degree.

If you have been or will be fast-tracked to a doctoral program, you should record your master's and doctoral studies separately as outlined below:

  • Master’s studies
    • Enter your master’s degree information.
    • Select In progress as the Degree status.
    • Enter the Degree start date.
    • Do not enter any information in the following fields:
      • Degree received date
      • Degree expected date
    • Click Done.
  • Doctoral studies
    • Enter your doctoral degree information.
    • Select In progress as the Degree status.
    • Enter the Degree start date.
    • Click Done.
  • If you have been or will be pursuing a combined program, record each “level of study” separately; in the case of an MD/PhD program, for example, create one entry selecting the Degree type Bachelor’s, and one entry selecting the Degree type Doctoral, and follow these steps for each entry:
    • Enter your degree information.
    • Enter the same degree name/information (for example, “MD/PhD”) for each entry.
    • Select In progress as the Degree status.
    • Enter the same Degree start date for both entries.
    • Do not enter a Degree received date.
    • Click Done.

Affiliations and memberships

Work and non-work affiliations with organizations should be listed in the Affiliations section of the CCV, whereas memberships in professional or scholarly associations and societies should be listed in the Other memberships section.

Leaves of absence and impact on research

Selection committees are asked to take into consideration special circumstances that may have affected your research, professional career, record of academic or research achievement, or completion of degrees. Relevant circumstances might include administrative responsibilities, maternity or parental leave, child-rearing, illness, disability, cultural or community responsibilities, socio-economic context, trauma and loss, family responsibilities or a pandemic. Specify the dates for any delays or interruptions.

Editing and adding entries

Completing or updating sections

You must decide which activities to include and under which section they should be reported. If uncertain, consider consulting your supervisor or other colleagues in your field of research to determine the most suitable section.

Click the (Edit) icon to access and complete or update a section. When you have completed an entry (or Record) in a section that allows for multiple records, a box will appear in the Submit? column for each record created. Check the box if you want that specific record to appear on your CGS M CCV.


When you have completed a section, click Done. You must click Done in each section to save the information you have entered for that section and to return to the list of sections.

Creating multiple records in a section
To create additional records in a section, click Add and enter the relevant information. You must select one as your Primary Record.

Some sections limit the number of records (for example, you may only have up to three records for the Address section).

Confirming which sections have been completed
Once all of the mandatory fields of a section have been completed, a green checkmark will appear next to the name of that section in the list of sections. Note that a green checkmark may also mean the section is not mandatory for the CGS M CCV. If mandatory fields of a section have not been completed, a red mark will appear next to the name of the section.

Submitting the CGS M CCV

Once you have completed the CGS M CCV and all sections have a green checkmark, click Submit.

A consent statement will appear. Click I Agree if you agree with the statement and are ready to submit the completed CGS M CCV. Note that the consent statements on the CCV may be different from the examples provided below.

If you agree to have your name and CCV information appear in the directories of researchers, click Ok.

When you click Submit, the system will create both a PDF and an XML version of your CGS M CCV. A confirmation number will appear on screen. Every time you modify and submit your CCV, a new confirmation number will be generated. Make note of the confirmation number of the CCV version you wish to upload to your CGS M application.

Click History in the top menu bar to view your submission history (including confirmation numbers) and to preview all your CCVs in PDF format.

Uploading the CGS M CCV

Note: During peak periods, there can be a delay between the time the CCV is uploaded and when the Research Portal validates it. It is highly recommended that you upload your CGS M CCV well in advance of the competition deadline.

To upload your CCV to your application, return to the This link will take you to another Web site Research Portal and go to the Welcome page.

Find the intended application, and click Open. This will take you to the Application Overview page.

Under the Canadian Common CVs Attached section, click Attach.

The Canadian Common CV Upload page will appear. Enter your CGS M CCV confirmation number and click Upload.

A message will appear indicating that you have successfully uploaded your CCV to your CGS M application.


You can also confirm that your CGS M CCV has been successfully uploaded by returning to the Application Overview page and scrolling down to the Canadian Common CVs Attached section. A green checkmark indicates that your CGS M CCV has been uploaded. Verify that the appropriate version of your CCV has been uploaded by clicking on View. You are encouraged to save a copy for your records by clicking Export to PDF and saving the PDF copy.

If you receive an error message when uploading your CCV to the Research Portal, ensure that you have completed the CGS-Master’s CV type. Other templates of the CCV cannot be attached to a CGS M application.