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Environment and Climate Change Canada Atmospheric and Meteorological Graduate Supplements

This supplement program is available to you only if you are awarded an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship or an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship-Doctoral.

Value $5,000
Application deadline See below
How to apply See below
For more information See below


The purpose of the atmospheric and meteorological graduate supplement is to:

  • promote graduate research in the atmospheric and meteorological sciences in Canadian universities
  • encourage and support graduate students to carry out research of interest to Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • increase contacts between Environment and Climate Change Canada researchers and Canadian universities
  • promote training of potential candidates for possible future employment at Environment and Climate Change Canada


At the time you apply for a scholarship supplement, you must be studying or planning to study atmospheric or meteorological sciences in a recognized program at a Canadian university. At the end of each year of tenure, you will be required to provide a brief progress report to Environment and Climate Change Canada.


These supplements provide financial support to high-calibre students working towards a master's or doctoral degree in atmospheric or meteorological sciences, or related fields. Environment and Climate Change Canada offers a maximum of five supplements annually.

Value of supplements

If you are a successful applicant, Environment and Climate Change Canada will supplement your NSERC scholarship by $5,000, provided you hold a scholarship and continue to conduct research in the atmospheric or meteorological sciences.

Application procedures

To be considered for this supplement, you must submit the following by June 1 of the year in which you are awarded your scholarship:

  • a copy of your Notification of Award document from NSERC
  • a copy of your successful scholarship application
  • a brief explanation (maximum 300 words) showing how the proposed research will contribute to the advancement of atmospheric or meteorological science
  • any additional information (e.g., two letters of recommendation)

Send this application package directly to the address listed below.

For more information about the research that is being conducted at Environment and Climate Change Canada, visit the following websites:

Selection process

A special committee of atmospheric and meteorological researchers will review the applications and recommend the eligible applicants it considers to have the best qualifications.

Notification of results

Environment and Climate Change Canada will choose the successful applicants and announce the results within two months of the application deadline.


Environment and Climate Change Canada is responsible for releasing the award supplements. It must also ensure that the recipients of the supplements continue to hold a scholarship and meet the other requirements of these graduate supplements.

For more information, contact:

Don Moncrieff
Office of the Director General
Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate
Environment and Climate Change Canada
335 River Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 1C7

Tel.: 613-998-7346