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Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s
Instructions for Completing the Reference Assessment Form


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Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program Completing the Reference Assessment Form


NSERC Communications



Release Date

November 4, 2015


This video guides references selected by applicants to the Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program through the process of completing the Reference Assessment Form.

This video has no sound.

Instructions for Completing the Reference Assessment Form


Invitation to participate

  • References selected by the applicant will receive a system-generated email.
  • Users must follow the steps outlined in the email to accept the invitation.

New users must create a Research Portal account.

New users: Click "Create account" to register

Click “Create Account”

Click to confirm your new account registration.

Click “Sign In”

To reset password click "I forgot my password"

Click “Sign In”

You must complete your User Profile before accessing the Research Portal.

Click “Save Profile”

Click “Sign In”

Click “Accept Invitation”

Read the Terms and Conditions for References before consenting

Click “I Accept” to proceed

Click to access the application

Indicates your role in regard to the application

Click “Open”

Click to view the application

Click to view the application

Click to view the attachments

Click to view the applicant’s Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Click to begin editing the form

  • The Research Portal has a time-out period after 20 minutes of inactivity within each section.
  • You must remember to Save and Validate frequently, otherwise the information you have entered will be lost.
  • After 60 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out of the Research Portal.

Indicate how long you have known the applicant and in which capacity.

Provide a percentage rating for each selection criterion.

Provide comments in each section of the form and a justification of your assessment (maximum of 2000 characters for each section).

Click “Save and validate”

Scroll down to the end of the page

Click to submit

Confirmation of submission

Click to download a copy of the form to PDF


For questions regarding the Research Portal, please contact:

Helpdesk: (613) 995-4273