Feedback process

Your feedback will help NSERC identify and break down accessibility barriers. Your feedback on NSERC's Accessibility Plan, will help the agency identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility.

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Ways to provide feedback

You can also contact the NSERC Accessibility Coordinator:

c/o NSERC Accessibility Coordinator
125 Zaida Eddy Private, 2nd floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 0E3

Phone message instructions

When providing feedback by telephone, you can expect the following script:

For service in English, press 1:

Hello, you have reached the voice mail box of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Accessibility Plan. To record your message, please begin after the beep. We will follow-up with you in a timely manner, during regular business hours.

Alternate formats

You can request the alternate versions of the Accessibility Plan by email, phone, mail, or through the feedback form.

Formats available:

  • Print
  • Large print (larger and clearer font)
  • Braille (a system of raised dots that people who are blind or who have low vision can read with their fingers)
  • Audio (a recording of someone reading the text out loud)

What we will do with your feedback

Your feedback will help us advance our accessibility efforts. All feedback we receive and how we take it into consideration will be included in our progress reports.

Acknowledging your feedback

You will receive an automatic confirmation when you submit the Accessibility feedback form online. Otherwise, we will provide confirmation by the same means of communication used to communicate with us.

Anonymous feedback

Your feedback will always remain anonymous in our public reports. We will not identify you with your feedback beyond our Accessibility Office. The only time your feedback will be connected to you is when you request a personal response.

To provide anonymous feedback:

  • do not state your name or provide any identifying information
  • state that you would like your feedback to remain anonymous if your email address includes your name
  • do not include your return address on the envelope for physical mail
  • Use the Accessibility Plan feedback form and do not fill in the section requesting identifying information

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